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We're flexible with your schedule! Let us know what time works best for you. We recognize your daily life is busy and you have a lot of priorities racing around in your mind. We will do what we can to make sure our work doesn't interfere with yours!

Reputation for Excellence 

We are proud to be a community staple with a long history of outstanding work. Ask around and you will soon find that we've been in the area for a while. Good news is our quality of work has stayed the same despite the changing times! Thanks to this, the public knows our name the excellence tied to it.


Our staff has decades of combined remodeling experience and expertise. Maybe you have a question regarding a specific aspect of your project? No need to fret! With our experienced professionals, we will have the answer to your question in no time!

Re-Invent Your Space

Here at Advanced Builders Inc., we want to help you meet both your functional needs and your aesthetic desire. By coupling with our quality remodeling services, this goal can be attained in no time! Whether you've been planning this remodel for years or are still in the "dreaming" phase, we'll partner with you to turn your space into the project of your dreams. Our experienced team members work closely with each client to establish a tailored process that not only saves time but money as well. With a little help from our team, you'll be enjoying your renovation in no time. Call us now for a consultation and estimate. 

advanced builders of the greater lafayette, IN area home remodeling projects

Renovation and Remodeling Projects

When it comes to remodeling, there are so many opportunities and options.
Some of our specialty remodeling projects include:

Living Rooms

New windows? New carpeting? New furniture? No problem! We can turn your space into an environment that truly exudes your vision and personality. Present us with the project, and we will leave you with a space fit for several fun-filled years, spent with family and friends.


Trust Advanced Builders with your bathroom remodeling project! Whether you want granite countertops, new tile floors, a new jacuzzi tub, etc., we can work with your ideas and your budget to create the bathroom of your dreams. No more being embarrassed of showing guests to the restroom. Get ready to flaunt your new space!


Want a finished basement? Whether you're looking to create a playroom, study area, or living quarters in your basement, we can help! Whatever your vision may entail we have the expertise and skill to make it a reality. Advanced Builders Inc. is ready to help you chase your dreams!


Whether you'd like to add an island, marble countertops, new flooring, new cabinets, and more, we're the ones to call! Advanced Builders Inc. knows what works and what doesn't when it comes to planning the layout of a kitchen. Let us assist you in making your vision come true!